Washing Machine Planter Update – Week 10

It’s been 10 weeks of gardening in my old washing machine! Can’t say that I’ve managed to grow enough food to feed my tiny frog self, but there’s been two satisfying harvests of basil for pasta sauce. Yep I trimmed the basil again this week as it’s been growing and branching rather rapidly. Snipped off the mint too as the main stem started wilting and new shoots are coming off the base.

So here’s the before-and-after pictures of the two with new haircuts and the toppled sweet potato plant:

It feels so good to harvest what I grow and cook with them! I only grow things in a very mini scale, for that’s what I’m equipped for. But doing so makes me appreciate more all the vegetables, fruits, etc. that I put into my mouth everyday. It is seriously no easy task to grow them out of tiny seeds or even cuttings until they show up on supermarket shelves or even in piles in wet markets (if one still has those around). All I want to say is, it hurts to see people waste food like it doesn’t matter. Oh wake up, people!


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