Bottled and Up

So besides growing food, I do venture into other businesses. Another small project that I did recently was re-purposing some used bottles to plant mini bitter gourd seedlings. They came from a strange vine that appeared in my backyard a few months ago. The main suspect is a bird, which had probably dumped a seed there in one of its regular visits. The vine grew quickly and went on to produce flowers that were followed by tiny fruits that ripened and dispersed their seeds all over the place. Quite a number sprouted and I found their vibrant green lobed leaves rather pleasing to the eye.

I transplanted a few into used plastic bottles that I filled up with potting soil. After a few weeks they look really sweet and I found them a nice spot on the front door grille:


I think they add some fresh vibes to my front door. Watching the tender vines sway lightly in the breeze is pretty calming. Perhaps one day cute mini melons will be welcoming me as I get home after a long day.


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